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Our Project List


・Environmental Improvement
・Environmental Effect Study
・CDM Technology
・Bio Energy Development


 We Have Potential To Manage In The Following Field As Shown Here In

 - Survey, Design And Architecture Planning

- Sanitary And Environment Engineering

- Environmental Effect Study

- Telecommunication And Transportation Engineering

- Coastal And Water Resource Engineering

- Mechanical Engineering

- Electrical Engineering


・Initial Study, Master Plan And Project Feasibility Study.

・Boring And Soil Test

・Analyst, Calculate And Design Of Architecture And Engineering

・Planning And Studying To Protect The Effect Of Environment, Biology And The Other Pollution

・Deistic Design, Drawing And Standard Document

・Surveying For Engineering And Architecture Record

・Management And Supervision Of Engineering And Architecture Work And Overall Project Management


・Production The manufacturing technology Transfer, Making New business, the new job development, Vocational training

・Japan Cold Storage Deep freezing refrigerating installation & Technology introduction for Thailand.

・Designs & constructions, technology transfer JAPAN technology

・Consulting of Japanese company’s stepping forward

・It imports, and it packs in Thailand and it sells the food which is made in Japan.

・Bio energy material development. The exportation of the agricultural technology transfer, Thai person farm products

・Technology transfer promotion of CDM technology from Japan

・Technology transfer of bio power generation & bio energy



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